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Airport Advertising Delhi / NCR

Airport Advertising

Airports are the perfect catchment areas for targeting affluent families, top executives, businessmen, policy makers, NRIs, Indian and foreign tourists, top-rung professionals and more. Airport advertising offers a mix of advertising mediums to enhance passenger engagement and experience. Inside the airport, the internal illumination provides opportunities for 24-hour brand promotion in an ambient environment. Travellers spend a significant amount of dwell time in the airport as they pass through ticketing, security and baggage claims. The long dwell times coupled with multiple exposures make for highly impactful campaigns with high recall value.Eye Media is the best Airport Advertising Agency Delhi.

why airport advertising is important

Benefits To Advertise On Airport

Airport ads capture the attention of three of every four business frequent fliers, know why airport advertising is important:

With businesses going global, income levels increasing and the government coming up with supportive policies and regulations, business travel sector in India has been seeing a rapid growth. In fact by 2019, the country is likely to appear in the list of top six business travel markets of the world.

Business travelers comprise largely of business owners or top executives of organizations. Most of these travel at least three to four times a year, with some even extending their trips for leisure. Airport advertising would be the best way to reach out to these decision makers.

Prolonged Exposure – Assured Visibility

Long dwell times of passengers at baggage claim areas and terminals offer extended exposure to airport ads. This makes it easier for brands to convey their messages to sophisticated consumers, who make up for a captive audience.

Round-the-clock Availability – Cost-effective Investment

Since airports work round-the-clock, brands can enjoy maximum exposure in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, state-of-the-art mediums of communication make it very easy for the ads to get noticed.

Multiple Advertising Options – More Exposure

Airports provide for a variety of advertising options such as free standing kiosks, backlit dioramas, state of the art L.E.D, scrolling displays, plasma panels, stairway columns, luggage push carts, gates etc. all at one place.

Higher conversion rates – Maximum ROI

Since the airport ads reach the decision makers directly, the chances of conversions are at the highest. Being tech savvy makes it easier for business travelers to look up for information about the products being advertised.

Wider Reach – More Audience

Low cost airfares have made many travelers choose flights over other modes of transportation. As such, almost every airport in India gets crowded with travelers. This makes it easier for brands to reach out to a wider audience and tap into unexplored target markets.

The B2B and B2C Advantage

Business travelers are highly responsive to Airport advertisements. Airports not only provide them the opportunity but also the time that they need to make their decisions and purchase the products without any hassles.

Why Advertise With Us

  • Large Captive Audience: More than 50 million domestic and international passengers travelled through airports in 2018-19.
  • High Growth Airports: Passenger traffic at airports has shown a mark-able growth of 10% in the last one year.
  • Highly Cost Effective: The cost per thousand impressions to reach the same target group for airports is 4 – 5 times lower than that at other key metro airports.
  • Access to High-End Consumers: Airports reach 16% of India’s SEC AB urban male population aged between 25 and 55.
             Eye Media is the best airport advertising agency Delhi / NCR.