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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi NCR

Auto Branding

Make your business a moving brand and a house hold name by placing it on Auto Rickshaw. Placing your ads on auto make it visible to thousands of people and motorist every day. The daily distance covered by an auto is anywhere between 90-150 kms. As a result auto advertisement can increase your brand visibility. It can show your brand at place where the regular transit cannot reach.This is the best method to advertise about your business.Auto rickshaw advertising agengy Delhi.

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Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

The auto branding is one of the most viable and cheapest mode of advertisement to reach a larger and geographically scattered audience in a limited time frame.
At Eey Media we have different kind of auto branding packages available as per your custom needs.
If you are looking to reach a large number of people within a limited time period and tight budget then auto rickshaw advertisement can be your way out. We will provide you the best advertising.

Outdoor advertisement agency Delhi

Target audience

Advertisement is the most cheapest and the fastest method to attract large amount of people of different region in short period of time.

Outdoor advertisement agency Delhi

Best outdoor media

Advertisement on auto rickshaw is the best outdoor method.Auto rickshaw advertising method is the fastest method to grow your business.

Outdoor advertisement agency Delhi

Great way for campaign

Auto Rickshaw advertising is the great way to campaign for your business.As everybody wants to grow their business, this is the method to promote their business.


Full auto hood advertisement

In full auto hood advertising we cover the entire auto. First, the Ad is printed on body wrap and installed on auto. Ads will be printed on the back panel (1) , 2 side panels and 1 top panel of the auto hood which is made of rexin.

Lead Time : 1 Week
Need To Provide : Artwork in PSD/PDF/CDR
Proof Of Execution : Photographs of the Ad


auto rickshaw back panel ad size

In back panel advertising the vinyl stickers covers the entire back panel to have a greater visibility of people. For this vinyl stickers will be pasted at the back of the auto. It is best advertisement for the single product.

Lead Time : 1 Week
Need To Provide : Artwork in PSD/PDF/CDR
Proof Of Execution : Photographs of the Ad

How Does Auto Branding Work?

  • Decide Auto Back Panel or Auto Hood
  • Decide the Number of Autos for campaign
  • Choose the location of target audience
  • Contact us to prepare best package
  • Start the design as per advertiser's need
  • Campaign will be ready to install on auto
  • Images will be shared as proof

Why Auto Advertising ?

1. Auto is a high reach advertising medium. It doesn’t run on a fixed route hence, covering newer areas.
2. Auto advertising has a very low cost per reach as compared to other mediums.
3. Advertisements on auto appear at the eye level hence, easily captured by commuters’ eyes.
4. With an increase in traffic in all the cities, people are spending more time on roads and auto advertising being the mass.

Auto Advertising Rates

Auto advertising rates are one of the lowest among similar advertising medium. Auto advertising rates vary across cities.
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