Bus Shelter Advertising Agency Delhi / NCR


Bus shelter or Bus Q Shelter or Bus Stop advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian outdoor advertising arena especially with the more ergonomically designed bus stops with neat looking advertising panels. With the large Indian populace still banking upon buses as a preferred medium of transport, more and more people take to the buses as they make their daily commute to work and back. Because of this, bus q shelters/ bus stops are a prime spot for advertisers due to the amount of human traffic that filter through these services every day.Eye Media is the best advertising agency of Bus Shelter Advertising Delhi / NCR.

bus shelter advertising benefits

Features of Bus Stop Shelter Advertising in Delhi:

Special aspects that you should pay attention to while choosing Bus to stop Shelter advertising in Delhi. A thorough knowledge of these features will help you gain maximum business from this type of marketing mechanism.

  • Offers high-frequency
  • Yields targeted and focused coverage
  • Extremely cost-effective media avenue
  • Offers ideal synergy for radio; providing the visual element of a campaign
  • Offers flexibility; creative campaign may be "walked", rotated or expanded to bus shelters in new areas
  • Ideal for short-term, tactical/promotional campaigns

Benefits of Bus Stop Shelters Advertising

Bus Stop Shelters Advertising has innumerable benefits to offer. It will fuel your business and bring your customers and consumers at your door step. They will feel compelled to buy your merchandise and avail your services.

  • Offers brands "street presence", public face and impact presence
  • 24-hour clear visibility and read ability provides a high-impact medium
  • Offers fast reach and frequency to neutral demographics
  • Bus shelters offer the ideal platform for synergy media
  • Bus shelter advertisements offer unlimited creative concept and content flexibility
  • Bus shelters Ads in Delhi situated near shopping centers offer point of sale position

Why Use Bus Advertising?


Think how many bus stops there are, just in your local town or city. Each one of them is a potential spot for your advertisement and each one of them will be frequented by countless people of a normal day.Its the best to advertise at bus shelter. Eye Media is the best advertising agency for Bus Shelter Advertising Delhi / NCR.


Despite there being significantly less space available on a bus stop than the side of a busy road or building, there’s a whole host of ways to create brilliant, engaging and disruptive adverts that catch the eye. 

Local targeting

Your campaigns can be tweaked and tailored to the exact area that you’re advertising in. With digital campaigns, any new information or updates can be sent to the screen whenever you see fit, with the display changing in an instant or at a planned time to make the most of the location of your advertisement.


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