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Catalogues marketing is a sales technique used by businesses to group many items together in a printed piece or an online store, hoping to sell at least one item to the recipient. Consumers buy directly from the catalog sender by phone, return envelope or online using information in the catalog. Some catalog marketers act as intermediaries between consumers and manufacturers, while businesses with more than a few items create their own catalogs.

Catalogue Marketing Types

Types Of Catalogues

Print Catalogues

A print catalogue usually consists of a cover that announces what type of items the piece contains, followed by the items. Some catalogues feature a single product category, such as clothing, while others include a diverse collection of goods. The catalogs contain photos and descriptions of the items, as well as prices and ordering information. Some come with order forms and return envelopes with prepaid postage. Others require shoppers to order by phone. Eye Media provide print catalogues marketing in Delhi / NCR.

Online Catalogues

To save on the cost of printing and mailing and to allow retailers to update prices, products and promotions more quickly, some business put their products in an online catalog. The products are grouped and displayed in a similar fashion to a print catalogue, but consumers can sort items by price, category, manufacturer or other criteria. These catalogs allow shoppers to purchase immediately, using a virtual shopping cart and an electronic payment method. Eye Media provide online catalogues marketing in Delhi / NCR.

Single Company Catalogues

Some companies with many products produce their own catalogues. Examples include manufacturers of apparel, footwear, sporting goods, kitchen accessories, auto parts, home furnishings, lawn and garden items, health, beauty and food items. The manufacturer might group similar products to allow consumers with a specific interest to quickly find what they want, or they might spread items throughout the catalogue to make shoppers view more items, hoping to increase impulse buys. The manufacturer processes the orders, ships the items and handles customer service, cutting out the cost of wholesalers or distributors. Eye Media provide single company catalogues marketing in Delhi / NCR.

Multiple Company Catalogues

Some catalogues feature products from a variety of manufacturers, giving companies with fewer products a chance to use catalogue marketing. This allows mass retailers to include more items in their catalogues. In these types of catalogues, you might see several competing products on the same page. The producer of the catalogue takes direct payment from the consumer, giving a portion of the sale to the manufacturer after the money is collected. Some multi-company catalogue marketers fulfill orders from their warehouses, while others send orders to the manufacturer, who ships the item and handles returns and customer service. Eye Media provide multiple company catalogues marketing in Delhi / NCR.

Benefits Of Catalogue Marketing & Advertising

  1. Creativity:- Catalogue marketing offers you an opportunity to incorporate eye-catching photography and images, vibrant colour schemes, thoughtful design and layout, clear copy and more into a tangible paper campaign. Your catalog campaign carries the weight of your brand, so this is great opportunity to show your commitment to your products and services by creating a visually-appealing and organized catalog. Originality in your design and layout will help customers to better remember your brand.
  2. Easy response method:- Catalogues marketing make it easy for customers and clients to respond to your offers. A simple order form located in the catalogue, along with an envelope, allows the customer to easily fill out and send off their order. As well, including your address, number and website will help to drive sales, and including exclusive online-offers is a great way to encourage customers to visit your online portal.
  3. Niche targeting:- Segmenting your customer base into niche markets can help you to create an even more targeted and successful catalogue marketing campaign. Developing your catalogue campaign to attract specific customers to your products and services will help you to grow your revenue.
  4. Easily track results:- Orders through mail, telephone and online can be easily tracked through codes, mail lists and so on. Catalogues marketing will help you to better understand trends in your sales and help you to create better catalogues in the future to increase sales and build your brand.
  5. Brand awareness:- How you design your catalogue, from the photography to the layout and copy, will help you to grow your brand awareness. If you’re a new business, a catalogue marketing campaign will help potential customers or clients to better understand your brand identity.

Importance Of Catalogue For Your Business:

  • It helps you to attract the targeted audience
  • It provides great reference of material and detail information
  • It Improves your brand Identity
  • It Tailor-made content to appeal to your target customers
  • It promotes your company off-line and establishes credibility
  • It focuses on brand attributes and product benefits
  • It generates customer leads

Creating catalogue designs that are effective with attractive designs, planned layouts, eye-catching images and specific content needs a complete team to share input and emerge with the solution. Catalogues are a trending medium for many businesses to include in their marketing initiatives. Catalogue plays an important for appealing offline tools for giving detailed information about your brand product and services. Beautiful catalogue designing plays a vital role to make your promotion a hit and in grooming your corporate image in the market. Catalogues Marketing also plays an important role in promoting your business both online and offline.