Newsstand Advertising Agency Delhi/NCR


Newsstands act as a static means of advertisement for the daily commuters. thousands of pedestrians and motorists pass by such newsstands every day and such advertisements are an effective way of creating a wide reach of audience. Adventure Media helps bring out advertisements in the most creative and innovative manner so as to act as a stand-alone attention grabber amidst the crowd. Newsstand advertisement is highly cost effective and saves a lot of time which is otherwise required in setting up of different types of advertising media.

Newsstand Advertising Benefits

Benefits Of Newsstand Advertising

Display Banners find their fixture on a permanent newsstand and news track structures, and they offer advertisers the benefit of exposure – frequent and repeated. The public on-the-go, can’t help but notice what you have to say. Street advertising by its very character has an enormous pull and broadly covers other advertising displays like those on sidewalks, bus shelters, telephone advertising kiosks and benches.

  • Significant read time
  • Visible to pedestrians and vehicles
  • 24-hour messaging
  • Reach a mass audience
  • Target a specific demographic

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