Sports Stadium Advertising Agency Delhi/ NCR


Sports stadium and field advertising are marketing and advertising campaigns that take place within a stadium or field. Depending on the type of event and the size of the venue, companies have the opportunity to advertise in a huge variety of ways.

Advertising your company or brand in a stadium allows for endless creative possibilities to attract business. In a small-town setting, you might sponsor a little league team and have your business name on a weatherproof sign along the outfield fencing. Or maybe you can have your name added to a list of sponsors near the concession stand where your business name will see a lot of foot traffic. 

Sports Stadium Advertising Benefits

Stadium advertising, as stated above, gets your brand in front of dozens, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of potential customers. In many cases, you create content—anything as complex as a video or as simple as a sign design—just once, and you can reuse that same content for an entire season and reach new eyes every time there is a game or event at the place you’ve chosen to put up your ads.


Give your brand an opportunity to be seen with stadium advertising by viewers who are more engaged and have an emotional connection to the game. Therefore, sports stadium audiences are more likely to receive to your message as they are excited to be at the game.


Stadium advertising gives your brand the opportunity to be seen by millions of sports fans locally, regionally and nationally. If using another form of media it would take a long period of time to reach the same amount of impressions then with stadium advertising. It is a good deal from both sides for the venue and the corporate division.


Sports games & concert venues are viewed by millions of people regularly. With stadium advertising there is the possibility of television exposure. This is another chance to increase impressions as games are often viewed many times after they originally air (online, replays and live.)

Types of Sports Stadium Advertising

When you’re looking into this kind of marketing, you will be met with a plethora of options to choose from. This is fantastic news for your brand, because it means you can showcase your company in different formats and locations around a stadium or arena.

When you think of traditional advertising at stadiums, you probably think of printed materials. Here are samples of time-tested low-tech advertising:

  • Banners on sidelines and walls
  • Ads in the restroom
  • Posters throughout concourses and halls
  • Stairway ads
  • Cupholders
  • Billboard Ads
  • Court branding and wraps
  • Branded areas (VIP lounges, smoker’s rooms, etc.)