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Metro cities are always on a run, apart from conventional public transport services, the cities are now using cab services to reach their destination with ease. Cabs have become a popular means of transportation for the fact that they give more personalised, affordable and comfortable ride. The travel time is where the target consumer can be pitched by the brands in an interactive manner. In today’s time of information overload, the consumer needs crisp, impactful and informative ads that do not interrupt their routine rather fit in the routine effortlessly.Eye Media is the best taxi cab advertising agency Delhi / NCR.

Benefits of Taxi Cab Advertising

  • Ads on cabs interact with the customer directly.
  • The ads displayed on cabs get undivided attention as the consumer is travelling in the same vehicle and cannot ignore the presence of the brand.
  • The ads like billboards, hoardings and other OOH services are not limited to one place; wherever the cab travels it captures the attention of the consumers.
  • The ads displayed on cabs have the ability to turn target consumers into potential buyers as they are precise, informative and attractive.
  • We are the best advertising agency for cab and taxi advertising Delhi/ NCR.

What is Car Advertising / Cab Branding / Taxi Advertising?

Car Advertising includes utilizing commercial cabs like Ola/Uber cabs to display advertisement on the four external doors or inside car (Backside of the front seats)

How much does it cost for Taxi Advertising services in Delhi?

Eye Media provide best rates for transit media advertising options like Car advertising / Cab advertising in Delhi. Our card rates are most competitive for branding on Ola and Uber cabs in Delhi. Offer rates for Cab branding services are available in the “Rate and Info” section present above.

What is the minimum number of cars required for “Taxi Advertising” campaign in Delhi?

Minimum order quantity for internal/external car branding campaign in Delhi is 100 cars.

What is the material used to print advertisement/ sticker that are put on cabs for “Car Branding” campaigns in Delhi?

The material used is a high quality promotional grade vinyl adhesive.

What is the minimum duration for Taxi advertising / Cab advertising / Car branding campaign in Delhi?

Minimum duration of any Car advertising in Delhi is 30 days.

Apart from Delhi, can you execute Car advertising campaigns in NCR region (Gurugram/Noida) as well?

Yes, we can. Please contact us at +91-9999200631 or drop us an email at business [at] [email protected] Eye Media is the best advertising agency for taxi cab advertising Delhi / NCR.

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